Finding a legislative solution to the problems of Eminent Domain is the best way to protect ourselves and our neighbors. We extend a heartfelt thanks to our legislators who stand with us in supporting property rights in the state of Missouri.

The following bills targeting Eminent Domain Abuse have been introduced in the 2017 Missouri Legislative Session:

Representative Nate Walker has introduced 3 bills to fight Eminent Domain Abuse, HB 640,  HB 795 and HB 478.

HB 640 seeks to impose conditions on agricultural lands being acquired through eminent domain. These include: the route would follow section or boundary lines; there would be a limit on the weight of equipment on nearby lands; and access routes would be chosen by the property owner, lease holder, or manager.

HB 795 seeks to oblige utility companies to use existing lines for upgrades. Any other land acquisition would require 60% of impacted property owners to sign a written easement agreement.

HB 478 seeks to regulate high-voltage transmission lines in certain classes of counties.

Click Here to view/print an Info Card on HB 640 & HB 795.

*** Legislation Update:  About 35 people traveled to Jefferson City in support of this bill. Four of us were allowed to testify before the House Utilities Committee HB 640 ***



Representative Tim Remole has introduced HB 386.
HB 386 seeks to regulate the height of transmission line poles to ensure safety in operating farming equipment.

*** Legislation Update: Referred to the House Utilities Committee ***


Representative Bart Korman has introduced HB991.
HB991 allows a property owner to present evidence and argue the value of the future use of the property to be taken in a condemnation proceeding.

*** Legislation Update: We testified at the hearing before the House Local Government Committee on Wednesday, April 12th. Thanks to everyone who submitted written testimony!! ***