What is Agribusiness?

“In 1957, Professors Davis and Goldberg from Harvard University articulated something that many in agriculture already knew: the farmer is a businessperson and his product is part of a much larger value-added chain. To explain this larger framework, they introduced the term Agribusiness.” – Missouri Economic Research Brief Economic Contribution of Agribusiness

Agribusiness in NEMO is Threatened by Eminent Domain Abuse

Some interesting quotes from the brief:

 “In 2014 Missouri had an estimated 100,400 agribusinesses (97,700 farms and 2,700 agriculture-related establishments) that directly employed 182,383 workers, paid $6.4 billion in wages and contributed $15.2 billion to state GDP. The ripple effect was an increase of $9.6 billion in additional economic activity.”

“Agricultural exports are a significant part of Missouri’s trade as well as the demand side of agribusiness. Agriculture exports were 17 percent of total exports in 2014.”

According to the map below, agribusiness is a vital form of employment in Northeast Missouri — these  counties need legislative protection from eminent domain abuse.

Missouri Economic Research Brief Economic Contribution of Agribusiness