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Iowa Protects Property Rights

The Times Republican

“We passed House File 603, a bill to protect private property rights. For several years House Republicans, led by Rep. Bobby Kaufmann, have been attempting to pass legislation that protects the rights of farmers and other landowners. In past years these efforts were blocked in the Democrat controlled Senate. This bill was in part a response to the attempt to build a Direct Current electrical transmission line known as the Rock Island Clean Line which would have passed through the northern portion of my district in Black Hawk County. This project was solely a private enterprise, would not have been accessible to Iowans, and was not part of the regional transmission line plan. The company sought to take farmers land for its towers using eminent domain as a private company, not as a true public utility. The project has been struck down after years of intense work by the landowners. This bill takes steps to prevent such a project from threatening landowners in the future with similar projects. The bill also makes restrictions on the use of eminent domain in taking land for a lake, ensuring that the land taken is truly needed for legitimate drinking water sources instead of recreational uses. One final aspect of the bill will ensure that farmers and business owners are fairly compensated in the event that their land is condemned using eminent domain.”


  1. This is a very good piece of legislation and I wish we had this in Missouri, maybe next year.

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